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Karyampat is a software development enterprise headquartered in Manado, Indonesia. We established as the best solution for our clients to meet with the modern technology evolution that rapidly changing. Our highly proficient Indonesian programmers are working together to eliminate the technology barriers that prevent your business to grow.

Karyampat is currently specializing in software development such as Websites Development, Web-Based Applications Development, and Managed Websites. We dedicate our works to help our clients in winning the tight economic competition with technology enhancement by strengthen your IT capacity and capabilities, as well as enable our clients to innovate through technology in this digital era by business process automation to reduce production cost and allow the improvement for overall productivity.

Have a groundbreaking idea isn’t enough, you need to turn the idea into reality, and KARYAMPAT can make your idea come true. We’d glad to develop custom websites and web-based applications to meet with your needs, as well as managing the website as your request. Do not be left behind, get your own website and app now!

Our vision is to become a leading software development company to encourage the development of digital economy in Indonesia by providing high quality products and services to break the technology barries and support your company's growth.


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We ensure you are in the right hands.
Our team is group of creative talents that consist of highly proficient Indonesian programmers who are expert in software development.
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Are you the one we are looking for? Intelligent and highly motivated is necessary, as well as crazy. Craziness is what makes the world round, without crazy, there wouldn’t be "passion". We need a little bit of insanity to do great things. Sometimes it’s the crazy people that bring out the best in us.

If you have a desire to learn new things and overcome challenges everyday, capable of thriving in a dynamic and stimulating environment, we have a great opportunity for you to not only work with our amazing team but also learn and thrive together with us, enhance your competencies.


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We understand our clients might have different specific budget and estimated time requirement.
The steps below are the general of our working process to simplify you in getting what you need.
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    YOU got Idea? Talk with us!

    Your idea can be a breakthrough to your future. We can help turning your idea into reality. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or directly visit our company. Get a FREE consultation with the experts. Tell us your idea`s outline and get your best solution.

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    Choose our Product/Service

    Understand your needs and wants, make your decision and choose the product / service as you desire. *Our team will provide you with a hardcopy or send you a softcopy of the most suitable proposal to be your consideration.
    [ *If necessary ]

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    Contact us for an agreement and our marketing will assist you to make the down payment. After you`ve done the down payment you can send us the data that you want to be placed in your webs / apps by email or give us the hardcopy.

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    Make the final payment and our team will execute the development process of the choosen product / service as fast as possible. Finally, you will get the requested products and/or services in certain period of time that has been negotiated in the agreement.


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We provide products and services to help you optimizing your business / Institution / Organization
  • Web Design & Development

    We design & develop website from zero with HTML5 & CSS3 that responsive to cross platform.

  • Custom Web App

    We develop web-based app from zero with PHP Codeigniter, MySQL and jQuery.

  • Managed Website

    You don't have to add / change the content. We will manage your website to ensure it`s well-run.